What foraging means to us

At Foraged, we use commerce to empower relationships between independent food purveyors, their local communities, and beyond. Our platform puts the power back in the knowledgeable hands of those who grow, harvest, and create foods most responsibly. By supporting Foraged vendors, you're helping to build a better, more sustainable food system for everyone.

We are Always Practicing Good

But what does this mean? It means we're working to help bring power back into the hands of those who understand food, what it is, and where it comes from. Giving them a place to change the minds of everyone when it comes to how we see food.

To empower small-scale food purveyors to grow healthy, sustainable businesses while nourishing everyday people with easy access to natural foods.


A look at our guiding principles that we stand for at Foraged.


We are knowledgeable, but we admit we don’t know everything. This is why our Foraged community consists of a diverse group of food purveyors from a multitude of landscapes that all come together and share knowledge with one another in a centralized location. We understand that changing how someone looks at food is a journey; we make sure to accommodate anyone on their journey regardless of their current knowledge base. We know that learning never stops- and it shouldn’t. Being knowledgeable starts with acknowledging you can never know everything, but that you should continue to learn nonetheless.

All we can do is operate in a collaborative, supportive state enabling everyone to feel heard, welcomed and appreciated in their efforts as we follow our own personal trajectories as we work to better understand food.


We provide the resources our foragers, farmers, and craft food makers need to grow and build an independent food business, while feeling supported by our growing community.

We’re constantly trying to stay one step ahead of our vendors' needs so they always feel cared for, while making sure to leverage their growing knowledge base to our community of shoppers helping bring awareness to new products, seasonal changes, foraging and gardening technicess, and beyond. We provide value to our community by creating a common voice for all of those who make the Foraged platform what it is.


We are adventurous and we want to make sure what we do is for others who feel the same. What we’re creating is for people who love to challenge our food systems, explore our landscapes, and appreciate our cultures.

Our platform is for people who are curious. We’re constantly exploring new ideas, trying new techniques, and striving to improve through shared knowledge and experimentation.

Our Team