Foraged Frequently Asked Questions

Foraged is the only online marketplace dedicated to high-quality specialty and wild foods from farms and forests around the world. Connecting our customers with the best wild and specialty foods is our passion, and now anyone can confidently purchase mushrooms and other products from the very best independent and sustainable sources.

We work with foragers and producers we know and vet personally, and only work with those who agree to uphold Foraged’s core values and ethical standards. Every product on Foraged is sustainably harvested according to local regulations, or produced by independent makers and artisans.

We take our climate impact seriously — 1% of every order goes to offsetting our carbon footprint. We are also working on sustainable packaging – including compostable and mycelium-based options – for all Foraged sellers, as well as other ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

Yes! Learn more about selling on Foraged on our Sell page.

Yes. We work with certified, expert foragers because we want to make sure that everyone’s experience on our website, and with any consumable wild product, is as safe as possible. Safety, health, and education are the most important elements of working with wild foods. You should always purchase wild foods from reputable sources, and when foraging for yourself, never consume anything that you cannot personally identify. If you would like to learn more about identification and certification, you can check out our list of helpful resources here.


It can be! We are working on developing a subscription service so that you can get recurring shipments of the finest quality, freshest, in-season mushrooms and more wild foods delivered straight to your door. You can sign up for our newsletter here, where we’ll keep you updated about the latest additions to our marketplace.


We currently ship everywhere in the USA. Within the next few weeks, the Foraged marketplace will have global reach, and we are continually expanding our range of suppliers to provide the widest range of options possible. Because we work with fresh products, we encourage you to shop by region so you can find the best products close to you. The shorter the distance to ship, the better they will be when they arrive to you!

Many Foraged sellers also offer a variety of local pickup options. Check the product listings to see if this is available, and use our map feature to find what’s in your neck of the woods.

It depends on the seller and on the product. Sellers provide shipping windows on their products, so check that out first. 

Foraged will provide an estimated delivery date once you place an order. Exact shipping times vary based on your location. For many regions, shipments can arrive as soon as the next day, but we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. We encourage you to shop by region to explore the options closest to you, and in some cases Foraged sellers can even offer local delivery direct to you.

Once the order is placed, boxes typically ship out the next day! Foraged sellers make sure to pack every item appropriately for shipping time/freshness, so every item will stay in good condition while in transit. 

When you place your order, you should immediately receive a confirmation email and you will receive regular updates via email and text about the shipping status of your order. If you do not receive confirmation, check your spam folder and then let us know here.


Absolutely! Our Foraged Recipes Library includes recipes for cooking with many types of mushrooms and wild foods. We frequently add new recipes as the variety of foods on Foraged continues to expand. 

Foraged Community (coming soon!) will be a place for everyone to share recipes, discuss ideas, and build community with all those who love wild and specialty foods!

Directly from the source. With Foraged, you know exactly where your food comes from.

Foraged connects you with small-scale specialty foods producers around the world via our marketplace. We build trust and transparency between food-eaters and food-makers across the specialty foods market by ensuring that you know where every food, ingredient, and product comes from, and who made it.

Learn more about How it Works here.

Yes! Foraged provides sellers with instant access to customers across North America. Unlike farmer’s markets or a ‘go it alone’ approach, Forages offers a seamless selling process that reduces the time, effort, and costs associated with running a small business. The ability for sellers to dramatically expand their businesses by using Foraged provides them with immense value. Learn more here


Yes. All orders are processed through Stripe, the most secure payment processor available.

We’ll email you to keep you up to date on the status of your order. We recommend that you create an account at checkout, which allows you to view the status of each of your orders in our customer portal. You can also make an account anytime by registering here.


All Foraged fresh products are packed in an insulated box to ensure they retain that fresh-picked quality when they arrive at your door. We encourage you to shop in your local region to ensure the shortest shipping time possible. Many Foraged sellers even offer local delivery and/or pickup, which will be indicated on the product listing.


Yes, we send delivery status updates via email, including tracking numbers that you can use to follow along with your shipment.


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