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Foraging Certification Courses

Establishing credible and safe foraging practices is at the forefront of our mission here at Foraged, and foraging certification is a pillar of proper food safety. Our mission is to increase access to healthy, sustainable wild foods for people all across the United States. As the leader in wild & specialty foods, Foraged is committed to food quality, food credibility, and food safety.

Our products are vetted by certified foragers to ensure proper quality. We remove and permanently ban all sellers who post illegal or non-commercially acceptable species that are not found in this list. But what about future sellers?

The Best Foraging Certification Program

We encourage any and all foragers who wish to sell commercially to complete foraging certification programs and obtain proper selling permits for their region of the United States. Although some areas do not have applicable laws concerning the sale of wild mushrooms, we have generated a short list of the certifications that are available online, starting with the most credible and accessible foraging certification provider – Mushroom Mountain.

The following is a list of foraging certification courses that are available online. This list is updated frequently to reflect the most recent certifications:

Mushroom Mountain Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certification (Most Popular)

Centre of Excellence Foraging Diploma Course

Michigan Wild Foraged Certification

FDA Approved Foraging Certification Courses - Wild Mushrooms

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