Foraged Enters a New Era of Connectivity for Food Producers and Consumers

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Foraged Enters a New Era of Connectivity for Food Producers and Consumers

Washington, D.C. – March 6, 2024 – Foraged, the marketplace for specialty foods, proudly announces the introduction of a comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools tailored for independent food producers. Foraged responded to the critical need for efficient technology solutions among small to medium-sized food producers by consolidating the capabilities of nearly 20 different software platforms, such as Square, Shopify, and Etsy, into one intuitive interface. This innovation not only streamlines operations but also enhances visibility of vendors, all while reducing costs by up to 96% compared to other options.

The platform features an advanced mobile app equipped with a point-of-sale (POS) system, including tap-to-pay functionality, creating a seamless link between vendors' e-commerce activities and in-person sales. The Foraged mobile app is also consumer facing. The app allows consumers to discover local food producers in their area and order ahead for pickup at local farmers markets. "Our integrated ecosystem is a response to the needs of our community, offering a comprehensive and affordable solution to manage sales effortlessly," stated Andy Conner, Co-Founder of Foraged. Integrating these in-person sales with their online operations represents a strategic and natural progression for Foraged, since 82% of Foraged vendors engage in farmers market sales.

Testimonials from early adopters highlight the system's impact:

  • Nikki of Y-Knot Forager, a small-scale forager from Rockville, Rhode Island, said, "I have only used Venmo in the past. I like using the Foraged app better... it adds up the total for me, eliminating manual errors. The POS reader was extremely easy to use, allowing me to fulfill orders in under a minute."

  • Jason of Morelmasters, a nationwide specialty food distributor from Wisconsin, said, "I'm impressed! Foraged has simplified the selling process, unlike other platforms where listing and managing items is time-consuming."

The Foraged ecosystem now includes:

  • Mobile POS: A user-friendly transaction system with tap-to-pay capabilities is perfect for market sales and pop-up events.

  • Inventory Integration: Keeps in-person and online sales synchronized for accurate inventory management.

  • Consumer App: Boosts market visibility and caters to modern shoppers who prefer convenience and direct connections with food sources.

"Our mission is to empower independent food producers and enable everyday people to access unique foods - whether nearby or far away," said Jack Hamrick, Co-Founder & CEO of Foraged. "Our mobile app furthers this mission and fosters a thriving local food ecosystem by linking dedicated producers with consumers who value quality and origin. This is a major advancement toward that goal."

Foraged is offering special incentives for early adopters to inaugurate this launch, including discounts on annual plans and a welcome package to kickstart their journey on the platform.

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About Foraged

Launched in 2021, Foraged began as the exclusive marketplace to source wild-harvested foods, quickly growing into a comprehensive platform boasting the largest selection of rare foods available online. Foraged is deeply rooted in supporting the often-underserved sector of independent farmers, foragers, and specialty producers, with an unwavering commitment to both sustainability and traceability. By empowering these businesses and directly connecting them with consumers, Foraged is reshaping the landscape of the food system.

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