Foraged Core Values

Our commitment to our community, our planet, and our health.

Foraged Market Sustainability Seal

Empowering Food Entrepreneurs

We empower foragers and food entrepreneurs to do what they love. Foraging means connecting with our natural heritage and nourishing our bodies through natural foods. We respect foraging not only as an important means of supporting, promoting, and defending the health of all living things their environments, but also as means of allowing humans to engage with nature in a meaningful way. We actively encourage foraging to be an inclusive opportunity that treats all participants, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or capability with respect. As a company, we commit to providing guidance to allow foragers to gather in a ways that are fun, safe, and sustainable while also providing a platform that allows foragers to share their passion to those across the country.

Supporting Family Farms

As family farms shrink, Foraged supports independent farmers by enabling them to grow their business in new markets and reach new customers. By working with family farmers, we tap into the wisdom of local agricultural experts who best understand overlooked heirloom and specialty foods can provide a healthy, exciting, and sustainable option to consumers.

Practicing Sustainability

Ethical food production cannot exist in the absence of sustainable practices. Foraged is committed to support small-scale producers that harvest their foods via the most environmentally friendly methods – this means always fostering the long term health of food systems and the planet.

Encouraging Creativity

At Foraged we know that quality ingredients have limitless potential. We encourage our community to explore unique ways to enjoy the extraordinary foods on Foraged.

Prioritizing Health

Foraged understands that why people seek mushrooms can vary from person to person. We want to be a beacon for demonstrating the healthy values that mushrooms can bring to a person’s life. From using mushrooms as a source of nutrition in meals and as supplements to foraging as an outdoor activity for exercise, we at Foraged will highlight all the amazing ways mushrooms can improve your quality of life.

Valuing Kindness

Food is love – and we love unique foods. We want to share our joy with our community and with you. At Foraged, we seek to build a legacy of using our resources to better the lives of those around the world to create a more loving and compassionate planet for everyone. 

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