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LaGrange, Georgia, US

Welcome to B’s Craft Nook! We have been slowly branching out over the last year and are excited to bring you freshly harvested goods from the Southern Georgia and Alabama region. From Turkey tail and Reishi to a variety of wild edible mushrooms, we plan to bring it all to you as we forage it sustainably!

When you purchase from B’s Craft Nook, you are supporting a small business. Our gratitude is abundant and we hope to bring you the best that our area has to provide. We take pride in what we do, how we do it, and the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I appreciate all purchases! With that being said, none of the items that I provide are FDA approved at this time. I am not a medical provider and this should always be considered when utilizing something for medical treatment. These items have been cautiously and carefully created for you. If there is ever any issue or question, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I take a lot of pride in what I create and provide and am always open to discussion!

Jewelweed “Anti-Ivy” Salve
Bs Craft NookJewelweed “Anti-Ivy” Salve
$18.00 (Per 2oz)
Free Shipping
Dried Lobster Mushroom
Bs Craft NookDried Lobster Mushroom
$20.00 (Per 1.5oz)
Free Shipping
Usnea "Old Man's Beard" Balm
Bs Craft NookUsnea "Old Man's Beard" Balm
from $12.00
Free Shipping
Wild Comfrey Balm
Bs Craft NookWild Comfrey Balm
from $13.00
Free Shipping
Medicine Cabinet Trio - Healing Balms
Bs Craft NookMedicine Cabinet Trio - Healing Balms
$23.00 (Per 3oz)
Free Shipping
Knock-Out Rose Petals and Leaves
Bs Craft NookKnock-Out Rose Petals and Leaves
$8.50 (Per 8.50.2 ounces)
Free Shipping
Skin-Ease Balm Tin: Plantain Leaf Blend
Bs Craft NookSkin-Ease Balm Tin: Plantain Leaf Blend
$12.00 (Per 1oz)
Free Shipping
Skin-Ease Balm Tube: Plantain Leaf Blend
Bs Craft NookSkin-Ease Balm Tube: Plantain Leaf Blend
$9.00 (Per 0.15oz)
Free Shipping
Bug-Ease Stick - Plantain Leaf and Purple Deadnettle
Bs Craft NookBug-Ease Stick - Plantain Leaf and Purple Deadnettle
$9.00 (Per 0.15oz)
Free Shipping
Turkey Tail Tincture - Dual Extracted
Bs Craft NookTurkey Tail Tincture - Dual Extracted
$30.00$24.00 (Per 2fl oz)
Dried Turkey Tail - Fall 2022
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Bs Craft NookDried Turkey Tail - Fall 2022
$10.00 (Per 101 ounce)