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Welcome to my storefront on Foraged! All products are foraged, crafted and shipped from right here in the Hoosier state except where stated in the listing, as I do forage out of state on occasion.

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Seasonal Showcase: Beautiful, Fragrant Mugwort

 Mugwort can be mixed into tea blends for relaxation, burned as incense, or even used for an herbal smoke. One of its older common names is Sailor's Tobacco! I know that you'll love this product. Click on the button to the right to learn more!

The Mission

My mission is to prioritize transparency & sustainability while providing handcrafted and foraged goods of the highest quality. Each product listing on my seller's page includes detailed information about the foraging practices used while harvesting, and all the steps in the preparation process that are followed to bring this product from nature to your door!  I follow sustainable foraging practices, ensuring that the delicate ecosystems are respected and preserved for future generations. To guarantee freshness and quality, my foraged goods are carefully packaged to protect them during transit. Fast order processing and reliable (usually free) shipping options ensure prompt delivery of every order.

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 From foraged food prep and storage, to wild foraged herbs, fruits, mushroom ID videos and more, head over to Instagram or Tiktok and find me @hoosierforager on both platforms. See you there!

100% Compostable Packaging!

To further promote sustainability in 2024, all flat orders will be shipping in 100% compostable bubble mailers! 
Tinctures, salves, etc will continue to be shipped in 100% compostable cardboard boxes.

No more bubble wrap! In yet another step toward completely doing away with plastic in our packaging, going forward all Hoosier Forager orders will be shipped using unbleached paper filler...a great additive to your compost pile!