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Candler, North Carolina, US

We are a husband and wife team who began our relationship through the love of coffee. We were both born in Caracas, Venezuela, which at one point in history was one of the most important coffee growing countries in the world. Our culture revolves around coffee.

We purchase from small farmers from around the world. One of our main objectives is to educate coffee consumers on where their coffee comes from. All our coffees come from small communities where most of their income is from farming. Your purchase directly supports these small communities as we pay more than fair trade prices for the incredible job these farmers do in growing, picking and processing these coffees. It is important full transperency and tracebalilty and that is what you get from our coffees.

For the past 7 years, we have been roasting small-batch, artisan coffees and helping our customers find the perfect coffee—or sometimes, the perfect recipe. In that time, we’ve learned that each coffee has its own unique nuances and characteristics. We treat each batch with care and curiosity, so that you can enjoy it at its most flavorful.

We do more than just roast coffee—we create an atmosphere of community and hospitality in our approach that is meant to be shared with others. We believe enjoying a good cup of coffee is a personal experience, as well as an opportunity to connect with someone else

Our ultimate goal is to introduce you to new flavors in coffee that might surprise you—and show you a side of coffee you never knew existed.

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