Viridescence Candy Co.
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Viridescence Candy Co.

portland, Oregon, US

This is candy, made with foraged, wild and unusual plants. We choose ingredients that tell a story, and celebrate them.

Most of them are foraged, preserved, or grown ourselves and by friends and fellow wild food enthusiasts.

We use candy as an approachable way to experience new and uncommon flavors.

When we forage and source our ingredients, we are gathering materials that are inseparable from the forests and fields they come from. It's the scent of sun hitting soil, the sound of crinkling ferns, a glimmer on still water.

It's a whole sensory experience that I want to bring back with me and share. Because it's really, really fun. And worth celebrating.

The candies themselves are simple; sugar, water, corn syrup, which allows me to get that nice *snap* and clarity. I add in edible mineral glitter and bright splashes of color to really bring the experience to life, and hopefully leave you dazzled.

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