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Wanderers End Sanctuary Forest Farm

Clubb, Missouri, US

WE seeks an end to cruel methods of housing, handling, transporting, and slaughtering farm animals. We promote silvopasture-based farming systems that allow animals to express natural behaviors, as an alternative to factory farming. We are kind of doing Garden of Eden Style- rewilding the vegetables and fruits and even our livestock grown in a way to easily be regenerative ( and much, much less work for us) Silvopasture, forest farm, rewilded, animal sanctuary, permaculture, Garden of Eden https:/wanderersend.orgUntil we can get the listings corrected ( for some reason all of our weights and volumes are the same as our prices) and until I can figure out how to be better notified when we get a sale, to ensure prompt fulfillment, we are closing our Foraged store. You can always find us on our home website at Wanderersend.org or text us 636-243-8441 Thank you, everyone!

No store policy.