Whaleback Nursery
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Whaleback Nursery

Limington, Maine, US

Perennial Crops

At Whaleback Nursery, we primarily grow plants that are native to or thrive in south/central Maine. Our plants spend their lives growing strong, healthy roots in rich, living soil. We partner with our neighbors and farming friends to source wood chips, compost, and other materials to continuously enrich our soil. Almost every plant braves at least one winter outside, helping ensure that they are Zone 5 Hardy.

We grow a wide variety of food producing trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Our inventory is very much tied to the seasons. In the spring we dine on fresh nettle leaves and in the fall we harvest sunchoke tubers to last us all winter. 

The need for native trees, shrubs, and perennials is greater than ever. Modern agriculture, the spread of invasive species, and climate change are causing environmental and societal havoc. However, the plants that we grow have evolved to enrich the soils, absorb floods, stabilize temperatures, as well as feed humans and animals alike. By planting native species in your gardens, fields, or even windowsills, you can grow your own food and help our planet and yourselves for years to come.

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