Cooking Dried

Dried mushrooms are a versatile and dynamic pantry staple ‑ but we know it can be hard to figure out what to do with them.

We’ve compiled a few posts to help you learn about how to cook with dried mushrooms, and get inspired to get cooking!

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NO. 1

101: Types of dried mushrooms

Most mushrooms dry well, but not all. Here are some of the more common mushrooms you can find dried for culinary use: oyster, shiitake, morel, maitake, chanterelle, wood ear, snow fungus, and lobster mushrooms!
NO. 2

101: Drying & Dehyrdating Mushrooms

If dried mushrooms are new to you, here’s a quick peak at the mushroom drying process:
NO. 3

101: Rehydrating Mushrooms & Mushroom Broth

One of the most common cooking strategies is to soak dried mushrooms in hot water ‑ you’ll end up with plump rehydrated shrooms ready to saute, as well as a flavorful and nutritious broth from the soaking liquid!
NO. 4

101: Grind & Season Dried Mushrooms

Alternatively, you can blend the dry mushrooms to use as a seasoning in sauces and dips, or atop anywhere you’d like a punch of umami.
NO. 5

Wild Mushroom Tacos

Once rehydrated, they can be used in the same ways you’d use a fresh mushroom, like these mushroom Burris tacos!
NO. 6

Wild Mushroom Pot Pie

You can also swap them into classic dishes in place of meats or fresh mushrooms ‑ check out this chicken of the woods pot pie!
NO. 7

Dried Wild Mushroom Soups

Or take a peak at this chicken noodle soup made with dried wild mushrooms!
NO. 8

Hand Pies

These hand pies used rehydrated mushrooms cooked with sweet potatoes, celeriac, and onions in the filling.
NO. 9

Wild Mushroom Cornbread

Try chopping up rehydrated mushrooms as an ingredient in quiches or breads ‑ like this savory cornbread!
NO. 10


Or, one of our favorite recipes is our Wild Mushroom Nachos. It uses a spicy mushroom meat made from dried mushrooms (with no soaking required!) You can find this recipe on our website.
NO. 11

Get Creative!

Whatever you do, try something new! Check out this elixir made with dried morels used in cocktails 🤯

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