1 oz wild-harvested goldenrod loose leaf tea (rough cut). Includes mostly dried flower, along with attached leaves and stem. Great medicinal qualities and flavor!
Medicinal benefits reported include:
◾ May help seasonal allergies
◾ Used to treat urinary tract infections and to prevent or treat kidney stones
◾ Relief for congestion and cold/flu symptoms
◾ Eases inflammation and pain
◾ Supports bladder and kidney health
◾ Healing for skin

(Per 11 oz.)
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44 Parallel Superfoods
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Welcome to 44 Parallel Superfoods! We are a Vermont-based small company committed to providing the best in all natural, organic healing superfoods.

Our Chaga is sustainably harvested by us personally from birch trees deep in the forests of Vermont. Our Maca comes directly from the ancient highlands of Peru, where our family has resided for several millennia. We are honored to share these gifts of Mother Earth with the world.

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