one pound of Pennsylvania Wild Foraged Butternuts in the shell.

Wild foraged and hand gathered from our Pennsylvania Woods, never treated with chemicals or pesticides. As with everything foraged or grown on our Ecofarm, we take pride in offering the most natural, chemical-free foods available, straight from nature. These are from very large, old, established Pennsylvania Butternut Trees. We have removed the husks, they are still in shell. We have tried to remove all debris and only ship the cleanest nuts possible. We try to sort through and discard any cracked or damaged nuts. Similar in taste to conventional walnuts but without any of the characteristic bitterness. Some people liken them to pine nuts because of their creamy nut meat and mild flavor.
(Per 1lb)
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Homestead Ecofarm & Wildcrafting
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I practice ethical wildcrafting and forage primarily on our chemical-free, organic ecofarm property. I am also a formally trained clinical herbalist. I have been foraging for many years and am certified and authorized by the State Health Department and Department of Agriculture to sell foraged mushrooms. We offer many mushrooms throughout the year including Morels, Chanterelles, Chaga, Black Trumpets, Turkey Tail, Lobster, Reishi, King Boletes, Lions Mane, Blewits, Milkies, Puffballs, Oysters, Chicken of the Woods and Honeys. We forage many kinds of wild Pennsylvania and New York Mushrooms and offer dried, fresh, tinctures, powders, teas, handmade mushroom inspired jewelry and gifts for the mycologist and mushroom lover in your life. We also forage many kinds of wild nuts including hickory and walnut. I am able to wildcraft many wild edible plants throughout the year including ramps and leeks, elderberry, medicinal plants and more. If there is something specific you are looking for, let me know.

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