Fragrant unique varieties, let us know which kind of apple you want us to pick for you- Tart, or semi-sweet. Try our farm's unique and amazing apple varietals only found here. Make amazing apple jelly, cider, sauce, dried slices, fruit leather even! Our farm is covered with over 40 wild apple trees that were all "planted" by cows over 35 years ago, they ate some apples elsewhere then deposited the seeds here. No chemicals are ever used on our land, and we happily share the apple bounty with the wildlife that lives around us. You'll be eating in good company- beautiful black bears, whitetail deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, grey and red squirrels, pheasant, chipmunks all love these apples. They will not be perfect looking, but we will only send you the best. May be a mix of varieties. Let us know which month you'd like to order from:

July and August limited availability, more tart, very fragrant

Early September juicy sweet big ones in pic, also some semi-sweet small ones

October many more varieties come into perfect flavor/maturity

Get on the waitlist to be notified of the first apples of the season! Unripe apples are also available starting in July

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L.T.D. Farm LLC
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L.T.D. Farm LLC
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LTD Farm stands for Living the Dream and that's what we're doing! Hi, we're Khaiti and Ben, we're farmers who love to live from the land, to forage and create unique products from what we grow organically here and what we find growing in the woods. Taking care of the land is very important to us, we nurture our wild spaces with their colonies of delectables. We are taking preorders for wild ramps and chantrelles shipped fresh, and will continue adding products to our shop. Our unctious Herb Salt is Legendary with our customers, friends and family.

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