The boletes in our area grow in the high mountains of Pacific North West.I have had many customers comment on there robust flavor.They are this years 2023 crop.I normally try to pick every day as they can grow very fast.I bring them back to my dryer where they are cleaned and sliced and placed on screens for drying.They are then placed in air tight tubs for storage.These Boletes are a product of USA.Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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Each year I can hardly wait for winter to be over and spring to begin.You would think after many years of mushrooming the new would wear off.But for me its a new beginning.After the snow melts usually late April to early May when night time temperatures rise and threat of .early frost is gone I head to the mountains.First to fruit are the logging morels.Even though the logging morel is a natural mushroom they appear first in two year old logging units.They will last about three or 4 weeks depending on weather conditions.I then start start harvesting natural morels in timbered areas.By this time king boletes are starting to show there face.Which usually start around June 10th.Each day I harvest morels and king boletes I bring them home to be cleaned and dried.The boletes are sliced for drying and placed on screens.I sell mostly dried product(morel-king bolete) which works out better for me.The mushrooms are then stored in airtight tubs for future sales.

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