to use herbs effectively, it's important to understand the energetics and actions behind the long list of specific indications. 

agrimony is a fascinating herb in that regard. in essence, agrimony releases tension. that tension seems to be a kind of emotional/spiritual tension, though it can cause some very physical imbalances. this is a plant that helps us understand how critical it is to address our health on a mind-body-spirit level. like many plant medicines, it's actions are subtle and quiet. it doesn't announce itself. but as you use agrimony, even in drop doses, it helps you let go of your tensions. it's one of edward bach's famous flower essences, specific for those who shove their troubles deep down so they can appear cheerful and well on the outside. i have found this remedy to be an incredibly important ally for people that have been dominated, abused, or forced into a role that didn't suit them. it's also an important remedy for people that choose to perform a role to please others or intentionally hide their true selves. this can be a clever tactic to avoid intimacy, which can be but is not specifically sexual. in fact, it often seems to be emotional. 

this performance causes tension physically-emotionally-spiritually. in essence it's denying your true self. the mantra of the root chakra is 

"i am" which means, "i exist" "i take up space" "i have needs" "i have perception" "i interact with the world around me" and that you have the right to live your truth. while the truth may be inconvenient, agrimony can help you reclaim your own space, your own body, your own mind. it does this by manually releasing those tensions, that while they may be very physical tensions, are holding back very emotional and spiritual truths. that may sound scary for people caught in this bind, especially if they feel safe using their mask as a coping mechanism. i strongly recommend drop doses at first and spending a moment to connect with your remedy. i recommend using this remedy as a tool for self work. any time you're stepping into self work, it's important to consciously give yourself time and space to allow newness to come in without expectations. 

for example, if you've spent a lot of time holding it all in because you're afraid of sharing your feelings with someone. you take agrimony and begin to lose the tension that's holding all those repressed feelings in. if you do your best to eat clean, do yoga, go for walks and meditate/listen to guided meditations, you will get to hear your repressed feelings out and sort through them without pressure. from there you can take baby steps to acknowledging and living your truth. but if you leave your life as is and take agrimony, maybe you'll end up spilling all your beans in the heat of the moment. its always your choice. dosage is a big factor here too. build your own adventure. 

historically, agrimony and cinquefoil have been used as herbs of justice that can restore appropriate roles and expectations in power hierarchies that have gone amiss. it can be used as a room spray (which i have) in spaces where power is being misused. sometimes people mist court documents and related materials. burning one of my sage candles and using the room spray is a quiet way to change a space.

message me if you need guidance. below are more physical manifestations of inappropriate/imbalanced internal tension.  

for female/cycle specific indications

please refer to my listing ‘feminine support tincture: agrimony, mugwort + black raspberry’ 

GI + urinary

we tune musical instruments to a certain tension so that they function and sound a certain way. the body is very similar. the GI and urinary systems in particular are lined in muscles that need to maintain a certain quality of tension to perform in a balanced and optimal way. 

if there's too much tension here, there won't be not enough tension somewhere else. we see this with elimination issues, both liquid and solid. healthy, balanced tension is needed to carry your food/ liquid intake through digestion + assimilation phases. when the tension is skewed, you'll experience clunky digestion. you may feel an urge to lay down/relax/deep breathe to find resolution.  

you could experience diarrhea, constipation or a combination of both. incontinence could be an issue. if you think this is you, i would message me for a consultation just to be sure that you get what you need. 

agrimony has very reliable use in urinary issues. specifically, for issues with incontinence. it has been used for children that struggle to potty train appropriately. it has been used for the elderly who have lost bladder control. i haven't had the occasion to use it for women that lose control of their bladder when they laugh or for women who have lost reliable control over their bladder after childbirth, but they are two common scenarios that i think could be perfectly resolved. so if that's you please message me! 


agrimony has long been used to release 'liver tension' which manifests in a hundred ways. a couple examples would be tension across ribs/diaphragm. feelings of obstruction, pain and or heat in those spaces. it can disrupt proper digestion. it can cause trembling and shakiness. tension is the root issue here, but it can become progressively worse because the uncomfortable symptoms can cause a person to double down on tension to seek control over them. agrimony is also known as a blood cleanser. i think that mostly relates to the fact that as it rebalances tension and helps things find their normalcy, it lends a bit of a helping hand in cleaning up the byproducts of the clunky processes that are being released and balanced. it's easy to see how that could be relevant in releasing liver tension, which is why i mention it here. tension breeds stagnation, stagnation breeds heat, inflammation and toxicity. this is also a good example of how very complicated and agonizing health issues can have an extremely simple root cause that is easily resolvable with mild remedies. 


in nearly every old herb book i've ever read, no matter what culture it came from, asthma and bronchial complaints were always seen as truly resolvable. they often make mentions of stubborn cases of chronic asthma that they really had to put their thinking caps on to resolve entirely, but it was kind of a hallmark indication for how effective a practitioner was. this perspective has been all but lost in modern medicine. it's not surprising that agrimony would have a calming effect, as it's most infamous action is releasing tension. whether chest tension is emotional or due to chronic breathing issues, agrimony is an excellent choice. if you're someone that has asthma, you know exactly what your pattern of asthma feels like. if you are experiencing bronchial tension/constriction, agrimony is an excellent choice for you. if that is only a piece of your puzzle, message me and we'll make a formula for you. the lungs are easily reached and influenced by herbal remedies. i'd be so happy to assist you. 

i consult for free so people can have the safest, most minimal + effective remedies or regimens to suit their specific needs. i wild forage and process nearly all of my medicines at their peak season and tincture them fresh in vodka or grain alcohol. i often have dried herb in case we need to use them as a tea/ liquid extract. please feel free to message me with any questions or progress, i respond promptly. be well!

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