albizia trees bloom in early july in my area. known as ‘the happiness tree’ they literally look like a scene from barbie fairytopia. 

they have hot pink and white puff ball flowers, delicate fern like leaves and they’re always *covered* in butterflies and bees. 

the flowers have a markedly sweet smell and taste. 

the flowers open in the morning and close at night- a signature that suggests regulating circadian rhythms. 

the happiness tree has been used for millennia. they grow in most parts of the world and are often actually considered invasive. 

they don’t need good dirt, ample water or any help to grow and spread. this is a signature that suggests resilience in poor circumstances. 

i could not tell you that i understand the herbal energetics of albizia. 

it’s one of a handful of herbs that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me in terms of understanding a person’s overall pattern of disharmony 

and addressing it. notwithstanding, it has clear indications that have proven reliable historically, cross culturally and also repeatedly in modern studies. 

TCM considers it beneficial for the heart and spirit. 

it is reliably useful for depression, dark + negative mind sets and anxiety. 

it does seem to support healthy circadian rhythms, though i would consider this a secondary quality. 

the tincture has a sweet taste and a sparkly feeling when you put it on your tongue. 

it’s safe. it starts working within a few days. lots of people really like it. it grows prolifically. i’m all in on this. 

^this tincture and description is for the flower of the tree. 

i do have some bark tinctured (done) and some bark steeping in oil (not done). 

the bark is very helpful for mending broken bones and traumatic injuries. i am happy to release it to you. 

i did *not* make it for internal use. please use it externally. i am glad to walk you through this. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. i am accountable, available and result oriented. i’m glad to see you all the way through to your health goals. i wild forage + process these remedies during their peak season for optimal quality. i diligently follow ethical harvesting practices and have limited amounts of these remedies. i like for them to be used for their highest good! please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or with your situation outlined. blessings!<3

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