Would it surprise you all that this soap is our best seller, and that the highest percentage of buyers (repeat buyers FYI) so far are men? We love this!

The poppy seeds feel like little exfoliants against the skin, scrubbing, while the shea butter softens at the same time. 

Why Rosehip?

Soothes inflammation. One study found that rosehip’s high concentrations of antioxidants made it suitable as a topical treatment for oxidative stress or inflammation.Hypes up hydration. Exfoliates. Boosts collagen. Staves off sun damage. Helps with scarring and fine lines. 

Rose clay: A general-purpose clay used mostly for its lovely rose color, it also adds silkiness, slip, and absorbency to soaps. This clay cleanses and detoxifies, exfoliates dead skin cells, treats acne and sun-damaged skin, and can increase blood circulation to the skin.

Hemp oil can prevent dry skin without clogging pores. This helps reduce acne that’s caused by excess oil. Moisturizes and soothes inflammation 

This bar is rich and soothes the skin.

Its lemon and lavender scent is fresh and lingering. 

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Natural Footprints
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Natural Footprints is an all-Natural Food and botanical cultivator that uses sustainable farming methods and also only sources from other producers with the same core values to formulate Natural Cosmetics, bath, beauty, hair and skin care products that are truly beneficial.

Our Footprint is intended to be truly good for people and eco conscious for the planet.

Even our packaging is sustainable and Eco-friendly and fun.

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