Made with organic, fair trade and farm fresh ingredients. This luxurious moisturizing bar is formulated using some of nature’s richest ingredients. Cocoa butter contains fatty acids being rich in omega 6 & 3 helping improve the skins elasticity and is also beneficial to the skin’s retention of moisture. Contains anti-aging properties and antioxidants and can help heal the skin and certain minor skin conditions. Organic hemp oil grown on our Licensed and Federally Compliant Industrial Hemp farm is added for another boost of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Natural Footprints uses nutmeg and cinnamon to give it that rich chocolatey chai tea scent. This product is Vegan using Candelilla Wax instead of bee's wax to increase the viscosity of the product, improve its consistency and stability. 

We insist on eco-friendly packaging as much as we insist on all natural foods and skin care products leaving us feeling truly good for people and the planet. 

Natural Footprints: All Natural & Vegan Chocolate Chai Tea & Hemp Lotion Bar

Arizona, US
Natural Footprints
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Natural Footprints is an all-Natural Food and botanical cultivator that uses sustainable farming methods and also only sources from other producers with the same core values to formulate Natural Cosmetics, bath, beauty, hair and skin care products that are truly beneficial.

Our Footprint is intended to be truly good for people and eco conscious for the planet.

Even our packaging is sustainable and Eco-friendly and fun.