i grew this angelica myself from seed

it was a second year root harvested on a new moon in late fall

i thoroughly cleaned and stripped the fresh roots and flash dried them in the oven

i tinctured them in grain alcohol and 

by all rights this tincture is of the highest possible quality

angelica has a long and decorated cross cultural history 

especially as a female medicine, for which it is still revered today.

it was thought in many cultures to be a plant of divine protection

the Christians named it angelica after the guardian angel

but even before Christianity it was used for protection against evil, illness, plague and witchcraft.

angelica warms, stimulates and opens.

it catalyzes proper functioning when there is cold obstruction and weakness/malnourishment

this namely applies to hands, feet, the female reproductive system and the digestive process. 


digestively speaking, it was a common flavoring agent throughout europe in times of old for candies and digestifs. 

i think it tastes like very sweet black licorice. 

it's still used to warm up cold, apathetic digestion. often alongside other warming herbs like orange peel and ginger. 

angelica root acts on the adrenal cortex and increases cortisol. it is a pungent, oily bitter-sweet bear medicine. 

i think that it stimulates 'a sense of self' in people that are kind of airy, apathetic or disembodied. 

because it increases cortisol, it stimulates metabolism *and* catabolism. 

so it catalyzes the process of 'getting things moving' 

as well as the flip side of breaking them down properly and assimilating them effectively. 


this is not a good herb for people with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. 

i can attest to this as i have a bit of liver/metabolic disease from pharmaceutical damage 

and herbs with a little bit of PAs don't bug me a bit, but angelica is pretty immediately a bad time. 

it's also contraindicated in people with inflammatory GI + bowel situations. 

this really is an herb for the cold, apathetic poky people that need something to help fire them up a bit. 

don't feel discouraged, you can message me any time and we'll get you what you need. 


as you can see from my pictures, most of the angelica root looked like capillary beds or fine nerve fibers branching out into bundles. i immediately started to understand why it's been so useful in certain patterns of peripheral neuropathy. angelica root has been said to rebuild the fatty deposits that insulate nerves. i've used it with great success for people with peripheral neuropathy after undergoing cansir treatments (im censored) with 'the star' tea blend which also contains angelica root. 

this remedy is also considered a specific for a disorder called Buerger's disease that effects arteries and blood vessels in the hands + feet. anytime i see an herb with a similar profile to angelica, i think restorative. but there's a difference between something like reishi that is deeply nutritious in a way that fuels deeper function and angelica which is more of a stimulating restorative. it kind of gets into 'your electric' or nervous system to wake things up. i would use it alongside a nutritional restorative like reishi any time there is a loss of function or feeling. teasel can be similar in some regards. 


angelica root is perhaps most famous as a female tonic and restorative for the reproductive system. 

it's been used for cold obstruction in the uterus which causes dark clotting, dark blood and often serious pain + cramping. 

although these kinds of menstrual issues are very common, they are also highly resolvable. 

angelica root or angelica alone may not be the ideal solution for any given menstrual imbalance 

a quick consultation is ideal here.

but this is what we look for in an angelica person:

cold hands and feet, with closed pores and often dry skin with no sweating. 

painful cycle with cramping and dark clotted blood. 

they often have low appetite

may feel obstructed, restless and angry

or apathetic and phlegmatic about pain.

it's also noteworthy that the situation that leads to menstrual issues here can also show up as a bit of liver stagnation in TCM terms.

this could manifest as clunky digestion issues or mood stability troubles. 

i always encourage a brief consultation where you outline your situation so i can give you the most minimal + effective regimen for your presentation. but if you're a wild child and this speaks to you, i wouldn't do angelica alone. 

i would do a small tincture with a bag of the star and have a cup or two daily with 3-5 drops of tincture until the bag is gone. 

i have an outline for rough expectations of how cycle imbalances tend to shake out under my listing 'female support consultation'

i can gladly give you more specific expectations if you reach out with your outlined situation. 

i also have a list of lifestyle considerations that people often don't realize can be contributing to their menstrual health. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. please feel free to reach out any time. i respond promptly

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