One Jar = 45 grams

Have you ever tried a Bilberry? It’s ok most Americans never have because we call them Blueberries in the USA.

Well here is your chance!

Wild Blueberry powder straight from the Arctic of Finland grown under the midnight sun and ethically Wild crafted from the heart of Lapland.

Our Friends at Arctic warriors hand pick these beautiful fruits at peak ripeness and freeze dry them at low temps to preserve and extract the delicate and delicious nutrients and flavors.

This is a pure whole-food product, nothing is added or subtracted except water.

Add to blended drinks, juice, milk, smoothies, oatmeal, or our favorite way is to eat it with a spoon.

It is packed in a reusable myron glass jar to protect the nutrients from light.

1 teaspoon=1 handful of berries and a single 45 gram jar is 180 tea spoons.

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Wild Food Warehouse is here to bring you prized high quality nutrient dense food you have been searching for! We know our customers like eating the best quality food and we bring you the same level of quality we demand for ourselves.

We believe Wild Food is the missing link in the pursuit of perfect health. All of our products have superior nutrient density that can provide you an abundance of the nutrients lost in most modern industrialized food. We encourage foraging your own food and forming a relationship with your local foodshed. We also know how important high quality storable food is and often times finding local sources of these things can be challenging. We have done all the work and can guarantee all the products we carry are of the best quality available!

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