There are many forms of Honey Fungus, and in the past they all shared the scientific name Armillaria mellea. Nowadays it is generally accepted that there are several distinct species, one of which, Armillaria gallica, is distinguished by having a bulbous or swollen stem base.

Armillaria gallica is on average a little smaller and usually darker than Armillaria mellea, and its pallid stem ring is insubstantial and usually not evident on fully mature specimens.

This species is an uncommon find in Britain and Ireland; it occurs in most parts of central and southern mainland Europe and in North Africa as well as parts of Asia and North America (where it is often referred to as the Bulbous Honey Mushroom).

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Welcome to The Carman Farm where we specialize in foraged organic vegetables and mushrooms. We are located in central Indiana and harvest everything from our local surrounding. We also cultivate various culinary mushrooms including Lion's mane, Oyster and Reishi. It is our goal to provide top-quality locally foraged products for enjoyment and medicinal purposes.

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