"Bear's Head" Double-Extracted Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplement is produced only from mature cultivated fruiting bodies of Hericium americanum. "American Lion's Mane"
Our mushrooms are harvested at their peak, quickly warm-air dried then ground fine before being tinctured in 100 proof grain spirits for 60 days. This tincture is combined with an equal amount of  liquid from a hot-water extraction that includes the previously used mushrooms plus another equal amount of fresh dried Lions Mane which results in ~25% alcohol by volume for shelf stability All of this to capture as much of the vital components which are tantalizing health researchers worldwide.
Product is packaged in a stylish 2oz/60ml gold-trimmed black glass bottle to prevent light degradation with a graduated glass dropper for ease of measurement.
Standard dosage: 1ml - 2X daily
Ingredients: Hericium americanum, premium grain spirits, purified water 
Casselberry Botanicals LLC
Casselberry, Florida
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Fungi of Casselberry
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Casselberry Botanicals specializes in Hericium americanum and Ganoderma multipilium products while always seeking to expand our knowledge and selection of functional mushrooms.

Chestnut mushroom (Pholiota adiposa) cultures, spawn and ready to grow blocks are now also available.

Dual-extracts and Tinctures, Mushroom-blend Coffee, Dried Mushrooms, Liquid Cultures, Grain Spawn and Ready to grow kits are all part of our always expanding selection.

We hope you find something you like.

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