bee balm is a safe and useful member of the mint family. it's a nervine and an alterative. 

it does contain volatile oils which give it a buttery or balsamic quality that tend to resolve a certain kind of root issue. 

it has somewhat complicated energetics. i know when to use it to get results, but it's a bit difficult to outline definitively. 

i'll do my best for the sake of education and getting a bigger picture. 

if you think this would be a good fit for you, i consult for free. 

shoot me a message with your situation and we can figure it out.

i'm result oriented and don't want you to spend money on a remedy that isn't what you need. 

i also spend a lot of time finding/ ethically wild crafting/ processing my remedies at their peak season 

and i like for them to be used properly out of respect for the plants. 

i have limited amounts of dried bee balm for tea/rinse for clients that truly need it. 


bee balm is good for certain respiratory system imbalances. native americans used it extensively for certain patterns of asthma. 

(there is not a one size fits all solution for asthma. but asthma can absolutely be resolved by the roots if we're discerning.)

bee balm is also very good for uprooting stuck cold/flu/respiratory infections. sometimes the system can't quite get rid of a pathogen. i often use reishi tea (or the hermit) and elecampane tincture here, but bee balm is a good alternative. it helps reestablish appropriate hot/cold imbalances especially between interior/exterior. for example: fever with clammy cold skin (matthew wood) bee balm decongests the interior and opens the pores on the exterior, thus breaking the fever. this herbal action has diverse implications. another example: clunky wheeze with cough, chest tightness, white tongue coating. this person also probably gets cold hands and feet. this can show up from a stuck pathogen or from a constitutional tendency to asthma. there are several ways to fix it, but monarda is an honorable mention.


this indication is pretty clean cut and reliable. i encourage you do also consider dandelion root. if you grab a custom remedy i can give you a little bottle of each. please consider that while this is an important thing to do, it can also be an uncomfortable thing to do. it can also be a bad idea so make sure your doctor is up to date with your latest situation. (ie: gallstone too big to pass safely) look up castor oil packs and do that for an hour in the evening for at least a few days. see how you feel. then add in a daily cup of tea or two of beebalm and or dandelion root tea with a light and healthy diet and lots of clear water. we can do tincture here too. please have a mug or two of hot water after you take tincture to activate the 'opening' actions of the remedy. expect some sweat and other signs of detox/internal clean up. this is also a very good regimen for people that have a tendency towards these kinds of imbalances and should stave off future issues. 


very good and reliable for inner ear and vertigo issues. i typically like to use ground ivy here but there seems to be indications in a person's overall presentation that point to one or the other being the optimal choice. they're both members of the mint family and honestly for an acute ear infection either should work promptly. 


there are lots of good choices for UTI's both acute and chronic. bee balm is one of them. if recurrent UTIs are an issue you look at a person's overall presentation/ constitution and results should be timely and lasting. 


this can be a skin issue, gut issue or female issue. it can be used internally and/or externally. 

acne/eczema/psoriasis/burns external use. there are almost always lifestyle factors (ie diet/food allergies/sensitivities) 

that lead to these issues and need to be addressed. but not so uncommonly it's from being bombed by antibiotics. a bit of dandelion root tea is important here. if the over use happened in the distant past, we can get good results and it doesn't take long to start seeing them. if it's very recent, we'll start seeing results promptly but it takes a little bit of time to get back to normal. i have never seen anyone have good clear results from a probiotic supplements and they are often very expensive. that's just my 2 cents.


this is a trending health concern for a lot of people that keep up with modern natural health. it's not something i see a lot but i get a lot of inquiries about it. first of all, your doctor can run tests to definitively tell you if it's an issue you have or not. i tell people to inquire about it if they fit the following pattern: you would have a white or yellow coat on your tongue. you would likely have vaginal, skin and digestive issues. sugar and milk make it worse but you would likely crave them. you might have a history of staph issues. to get this under control you would need to alter your diet and drink bee balm tea for awhile to rinse through your system. chai type herbs are also really helpful here because they warm, disinfect and catalyze good blood flow. it't not easy for pathology to thrive in that kind of environment. once things are under control you can switch to tincture. if you're going to do tincture instead of tea at least drink hot water after tincture. it's not my first choice but it's not a bad choice. 

feel free to message me anytime. be well~

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