Sustainable Forestry Solutions has both rhizomes available and seed as well whole dried flower tops which Make amazing yummy medicinal tea traditionally called Oswego tea here. Utilized with great popularity after Boston tea party when the Rebels tossed all that "perfectly good English tea" in the harbor became reknown as the patriots tea! Sympathetic allied native scouts advised rebel sepratists in its use within soldier encampments to support respiratory care from illness and infection. Bee Balm Makes a wonderful supportive aromatic rich tea infusion for honeybees to support their immunity in the spring and fall and wonderful addition to plant around their hives to reduce fungal infections!! Used as a spice and garnishment as traditional use akin to oregano and actually contains more volatile essential oil of Thymol than Thyme itself!! Enjoy our crafty Sustainable Sourcing and cultivated dormant rootlets as well available in listings!!

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Sustainable Forestry Solutions promotes regenerative forestry principals and works with local state & private organizations to recover and restore native species in an effort to protect and preserve them for future generations.

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