In the few lab studies that have been done, Berkeleys Polypore has been found to produce similar anti-oxidative properties as Reishi, albeit in smaller amounts.  It’s also a source of an intense yellow fungal dye

The bulk of this mushroom is often too tough to  simply sauté and eat, but it’s a tremendous flavor-maker and may lend itself well to other preparations.  

And maybe you can help find new uses? Other ideas a Jerky or Ground turkey substitute.  Mushroom salt and vinegar chips? You tell us!  Also excellent for dried mushroom powder.  So flavorful!

This mushroom has a distinct and potent aroma that is also especially pronounced when dried. I also recently left out slices overnight at room temperature, and alarmingly went to see if it was possibly spoiled. Surprisingly, it smelled a bit like freshly baked bread!

Taste: They range from fairly mild, useful for soaking up any flavor around them, to very strongly flavored (best used as a seasoning, not a main course). The latter including an interesting bitterness that comes through only when cooked.

Texture: Immature they are quite tender. Mature, the edges can be quite meaty

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Berkeley’s Polypore - Bondarzewia berkeleyi

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