Thank you so much for looking at my listing! I hunt and forage organic elderberry among other plants in my local lands of Maine. I sustainably and ethically collect. I collect my cuttings from healthy and well established black elderberry trees. I choose my trees and my plants that I hunt as far as I can away from human touch, any chemicals, any runoffs, or hazardous areas or soils/elements. I make sure to collect all things clear of pesticides and all chemicals. I take care of and maintain my hunting and gathering spots as well and take care of the bees and feed them as well through the seasons. I deadhead 1/3 and maintain the different plants so they may produce more magical quantity of medicine for us as the seasons come to close in the cycle changes for us. Once I obtain my cuttings I prepare them with an organic rooting hormone, and establish them in organic soil so you won't just have sticks sent to you but cuttings with a good chance of further rooting with already evident growth into the soil they are wrapped in and shipped to you in.

Black Elderberry Cuttings Organic From Maine, Rooted

(per 1 3 cuttings bundle)
Maine, US
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