In Asian traditional medicine, the mushroom is prepared as tea. Extracts containing polysaccharide-protein complexes from P. linteus are promoted in Asia for potential healthy activities, but there is insufficient evidence from clinical studies to indicate. Its processed mycelium may be sold as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, pills, or powder.


 Product name Black hoof mushroom Product ID WM-11 Latin name Phellinus linteus Type Dried Technology In dehydrator up to 35 degrees  Nature Wild Origin Bulgaria Taste: Very good, typical Smell: Nice, typicalPackaging & Shipping   Package Primary package Polyethylene bag (LDPE) Color Transparent Secondary package Carton box Thickness 3 level Sizes 30 / 40 / 40 cm   Euro-pallets Boxes on row 8 boxes Rows on pallet 5 rows  Boxes on pallet 40 boxes  Height on pallet 215 cm.

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Black hoof mushroom ( Phellinus linteus)

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We're a wholesaler of dried mushrooms from Bulgaria. The minimum order quantity for each product is one box. Depending on the type of mushroom from 10 to 20 pounds.

Established in 2010 as a trading company, Wild Mushroom Ltd is on the field with agricultural products. Following the dynamics of the fast-growing economy, we have increased our nomenclature and range. Currently, we've got over 100 products for the food industry. In our portfolio you will find both raw materials for subsequent production and ready-to-eat products in retail package Brands: ROSYE, BIO-CI, Products under the brand ROSYE are natural wildlife products grown by mother nature. When processed, the same principles are observed - no preservatives or colorants! The new one created economic link is the ideal solution for retailers. It ensures the delivery of fresh and high-quality products in a shorter time. And last but not least is the possibility of direct communication with the manufacturer that gives you the chance to modify any product in the way that you need