i grow my own black horehound from seed 

and there is something strangely special about this plant. 

in terms of appearance, it grows light green leaves and blooms tiny pink trumpet flowers. 

the lower branches mature faster than the top and the leaves and flowers begin to darken into 'black' aspect of black horehound.

the flowers wither but don't fall right away. then you start to see the newer, taller sprigs darkening starting from the periphery and moving downward. i consider this a specific for when some parts of are 'dying' or withering.  

in the distant past black horehound was used to regulate 'sugar issues'

this kind of ailment unchecked can lead to peripheral neuropathy and the loss of toes to say the least. 

along the same vein i like to use black horehound when someone is recovering from a long illness or an eating disorder and their digestive reflexes are inappropriate and or significantly weakened. this kind of imbalance in particular can be seen as the digestive nerve reflexes 'atrophying' which leads to compromised nutrition/metabolism which leads to more atrophy and decline. 

black horehound is a nervine and a digestive bitter. 

it s a great specific for two ailments in particular:

1. motion sickness

2. inappropriate vomiting reflex

there is something about black horehound that helps to reestablish good neural connections between the brain and the gut brain. 

a mild disconnect can cause motion sickness. i also wonder about possible migraine indications here, though it's always important to follow the specific presentation of a migraine and look at the overall constitutional presentation/tendencies to find an appropriate solution. black horehound is shockingly bitter. many people complain about bitter herbs but taste is an extremely important aspect of a plant's herbal actions. by allowing yourself to taste the bitterness, you can actually feel the nerves in your stomach activate and begin to correct chaotic or upward reflexes back downward. it starts to stimulate the guts and move gas, water, digestive matter down and out. 

low doses work well. less is more and more than that is too much. 

let the plant do its work quietly. i like to take it in 1-3 drop doses and really let yourself taste the bitterness. 

for my motion sickness people: 

take this dose once a day for a month and see if it recalibrates the neural connections. 

now i will say that if you are a tinnitus person and a motion sickness person or you know that you are prone, 

or ever have been, to inner ear afflictions, we have to address that as well to get desired results. 

a tiny black horehound tincture and a 1oz ground ivy tincture is plenty. 

i could send you a guided meditation that helps you to 'send energies downward' that i find invaluable, 

especially in acute situations. our minds are our nervous system in many ways. 

this should work really well. acupuncture is another option that works really well in a lasting way. 

for my people with damaged digestive reflexes: 

take the dose and relax + deep breathe. i love castor oil packs. they're easy and cheap. castor oil on a clean rag, just enough to dampen it. lay it on your belly/rib cage or lower if therein the problem lies. lay a hot heating pad over the castor oil rag and keep it hot for an hour at night. i don't love electric heating pads but they have their merits. the castor oil packs are very relaxing and i think ritual is important in working your way through issues that can be uncomfortable. if you message me i can help you find an appropriate herbal tea to sip to support the process. it takes a little bit of time to heel (im censored) those reflexes but it can certainly be done. st johnswort is another big favorite in this department. acupuncture is a wonderful therapy for catalyzing this process and it also palliatively helps people to feel better as the deeper systems get strong enough to perform well on their own.

black horehound- homegrown + tinctured fresh

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