Betula lenta, or Sweet Birch, is a deciduous, pyramidal shaped tree, maturing into a more rounded shape that may grow 60 to 70 feet tall. Native to eastern North America, it is commonly found in forests of both low and high elevation as far south as the mountains of Georgia, but, except for a few cool spots, it is rare in the Piedmont of North Carolina. It grows primarily on the mountains of the western part of the state. Foliage is a reliable golden yellow and among the best of the birches. The wintergreen produced from this plant is identical to wintergreen produced by the wintergreen plant.

Sweet Birches are best grown in moist, acidic, sandy, or rocky, well-drained loams in full sun to part shade and are often found in woodlands, preferring north-facing slopes and moist soils. It is also found on rocky soils; however, it is sensitive to compacted soil. The best foliage color occurs in full sun. Keep the tree consistently moist and consider using soaker hoses and bark mulches to keep the root zones cool and moist. The inner bark gives off a wintergreen scent. It needs little pruning, but if necessary, you can prune during the dormant season. Do not prune in winter or spring when the sap is running because it will bleed.

Birches are considered a "pioneer" species and, thus, tends to grow quickly when young.

Seedlings are 10"-24" tall.
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