these black walnut hulls were harvested from my rural property in late summer 2022

and allowed to dry until dark.

then the dry hulls were removed and tinctured in vodka for ~2 months

black walnut is a blood cleanser

i have quite a bit of tea as well as tincture

it is considered specific and very reliable for the following

low thyroid 

3-5 drops 1-2 times a day add chick weed and ashwagandha (tea or tincture but not supplement) 

this is very good for hashimotos as well. 

a fair warning: this is a regimen that fixes the underlying issue and it won't need to be taken forever. 

many times i've seen people continue medication after their situation has been resolved and develop hyper thyroid symptoms. 

i will spell this incorrectly because etsy will take the post down if i don't but if you're struggling with wait loss peek the daily detox tincture. it goes hand in hand with this situation. 

throat and tonsil infections

take the tincture with a mug of hot water afterwards 

or a cup of very hot sage tea would be better. 

i like to add self heal tincture or fresh self heal tea if it's in season. it's lovely but not necessary. 

sinus infection

if this is a chronic issue, it's likely that there's a fungal infection in your sinuses. 

you can take black walnut as tea or tincture. you can also add a bit of tea or tincture to a neti pot and rinse out those sinuses. 

certain patterns of fungal/lowly bacterial overgrowth

**especially when they lead to diarrhea (bad water/bad food etc)

you can take a bit of a higher dose here if you need to for the first couple days. 

10-15 drops of tincture once or twice a day is plenty. have a mug of hot water after tincture. 

water on the lungs and certain patterns of edema

it's good for atonic conditions in general, especially when it has to do with veins. 

3-5 drops is a good standard dose. 

10-15 is a good dose if you really need to get things moving in a bad situation. 

don't exceed this dose for more than a handful of days. 

it's not that it's unsafe it's just not necessary and it can start to overact. 

don't be surprised if you need to bump that dose down after just a couple days. 

on an emotional and spiritual level this remedy is reliable for creating healthy space and boundaries between people that are overly involved or under the influence of someone else. i often see people seeking it for toxic relationships. i can make this into a bath soak if need be. i'm not sure your bathtub would thank you but it is a traditional practice for these kinds of situations. 

cranesbill geranium is another low dose remedy for really separating yourself from toxic or dangerous relationships. it seems to be more overtly feminine. it's also noteworthy that if youre trying to use this remedy for a boss, workplace or legal situation you want to use cinquefoil. 

but on a kinder note black walnut is really empowering for children that are overly attached to their parents and need a little nudge into independence and feeling things out for themselves. i was a pre school teacher for a while and i think even ritually it would have been helpful for some of the kids to have a drop or two of tincture from their caregiver to 'help them have a fun day at school' and maybe avoid a morning drop off meltdown. black walnut trees emit chemicals from their roots that prevent its own seeds from growing right under them. that way, the mother tree has the space it needs to grow and thrive and the walnuts it produces also get to end up in a space that allow it to grow to its full potential. this scenario is also representative of black walnut as an antibiotic/blood cleanser. it doesn't kill everything that grows under it, but it is selective and discriminating about it. 

message me any time and i can help you make good decisions for your situation or answer any questions you might have

black walnut hull tincture- responsibly wild foraged

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