The healthiest, most sustainable, and most ethically-sourced protein powder ever developed!

Get ready for 17 grams of wild, plant-based protein per scoop in this clean CO2-extracted powder that is the first of its kind!

Surthrival is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this product.

This protein powder comes from wild-grown, North American native black walnut trees. Unlike other proteins, black walnut is habitat-friendly — no agricultural land is used, since these trees aren’t “grown” like other crops. No fertilizer, no irrigation, no toxic chemical applications. Just wholesome, healthy, wild nature. Ripe black walnuts fall to the ground and are gathered by volunteer foragers — individuals and families — who bring these nuts to hulling stations around the midwest, where they’re paid by the pound for their harvest. Using a sophisticated, ultra-clean CO2 extraction, the nutmeats are turned into this exquisite, high-quality, fully-absorbable protein powder. Perfect for smoothies and blended drinks and even to fortify baked goods and confections, you can use this protein to up-level your diet in any way you can imagine.

Key Elements:

100% Wild-foragedEthically and sustainably harvested100% USA-sourcedYour only source of CO2-extracted Black Walnut Protein PowderVegan and vegetarianPaleo-friendlyGluten-free

When you use Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder you’re voting for wild lands and wild species. For fair wages paid to eager volunteer foragers. You're supporting a healthy habitat and native species being on the landscape.

Surthrival Black Walnut Protein Powder. Wild nutrition you can feel great about!

Simply blend 1/4 cup packed to your smoothie or anywhere else for an added 17 grams of high-quality, wild plant protein!

Ingredients: Black Walnut Powder

Contains: Tree Nuts (Walnuts)

Black Walnut Protein Powder

(per 1 lb)
Maine, US
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