Organic Blueberries and dry blueberries infused into pure honey from the honey comb. CRYSTALIZED HONEY. This is a sweet delight just like blueberry pie. This blueberry muffin is made with vanilla raw honey and creamy whipped honey. A great breakfast spread. Can be used in tea, coffee, seltzer water, and your food. Enjoy eating blueberry muffin honey alone.

Canned and Preserved Fresh Blueberries in a sterilized mason jar. Made to order

*Blueberry honey contains high levels of antioxidants; when compared with other types of honeys, blueberry and buckwheat have the highest levels of flavonoids for immune and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's like combining two super foods into one.

*Has not been tested

(Per 15.998oz)
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BeeFavored, LLC, is a specialty honey parlor located in NYC, and also known as BeeLoved, the Honey Bakery & Swee-Tea Cafe. We offers a variety of top-quality yet affordable products of artisan honey blends, jams, spices, seasoning & herbs, dipping BBQ sauce, teas, as well as caffeine-free teas for kids and more.

Our aim was to introduce people to the goodness of honey in a fresh and exciting way, through quality products and outstanding service. BeeFavored has since become the heart of the local communities. By blending and infusing organic edible flowers, fruits, and spices with honey; we created the most delicious, unique flavors that are healthy, all natural and sugar-free.

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