Indulge in the ultimate mushroom experience with this fantastic blend of dried bolete mushrooms. These are wild mushrooms that were harvested in their prime and dehydrated the same day to help ensure maximum flavor. This is a true blend and each lot will vary slightly.

The mushrooms you receive in this blend can include foxy bolete, brown suede bolete, blushing bolete, butter bolete, blue staining bolete, chestnut bolete, velvet bolete, and orange birch bolete. All of the lots will contain at least 3 different types of bolete.

Some of the flavor profiles will be slightly nutty, some rich and earthy, while others have a light flavor.

Some of the bolete are a cap only mushroom (hollow and non palatable stems are discarded) while other have an intact stem.
(Per 1.5oz)
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Your one stop shop for Minnesota wild mushrooms and foraged edibles. All sourced and foraged responsibly from the North Woods. Different seasons bring different blends of flavors, feel free to check often for new finds.

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