bugleweed is a quiet woodland herb in the mint family. 

it's deeply relaxing and is famously paired with lemon balm for hyperthyroid presentations. 


nicholas culpepper has really opened my eyes to the more serious indications for this humble plant 

he considers it indispensable for 'inward and outward wounds, congealed blood, sores and ulcers of all kinds' 

especially if they are festering. he goes on to describe its excellent actions on 'those who are liver grown'

what would modernly be considered serious liver disease. he mentions that it is often but not always from chronic alcoholism. 

he says that two spoonfuls of the syrup taken after dinner and before bed quells the nocturnal troubles common to this condition. 

he describes in extended detail a state of fitful sleep and delusion. 

this could be describing a handful of related imbalances that all stem from 'liver imbalance' 

and it's important to note that these issues are common and don't necessarily imply an alcohol issue:

nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis are often satisfactorily remedied with peppermint, 

another obvious member of the mint family. 

insomnia is almost always considered some form of liver imbalance in TCM 

i find this to be true and useful for successfully uprooting even long term and serious insomnia issues. 

people with these kinds of long-time sleep issues will let you know that things can get weird and loopy after a while. 

i often use my daily detox tincture or st johns wort here but have a handful of other liver herbs that i often choose from. notwithstanding, bugleweed is an honorable mention in considering a full body clean-up, which always starts with a liver detox. 

it's important to consider over all presentation and matching an herb or minimal formula carefully. 

because if the filter for your body is dirty, your blood is dirty. 

and if your blood is dirty, everything else is dirty. 

this is the root of greek humoral medicine which evolved into modern western medicine as we know it. 

ironically, we've thrown the baby out with the bath water and have lost the heart of all good paradigms of medicine: 

keep the body clean so pathology doesn't have an environment in which it can thrive and resolve matters from the root. 

if we would have held true to this foundational principle, we wouldn't have so much chronic and degenerative illness. 

we also wouldn't have so much chronic pain.  

it's not complicated, dangerous, elite or expensive. 

when you help the body clean itself up, it works better and a lot of problems go away.

bugleweed tincture- wild foraged tinctured fresh

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