An absolute medicinal powerhouse, Chaga is known and loved across the globe. Many cultures have been using Chaga for centuries to treat ailments and to support overall health. Chaga is packed with nutrients, and has a wonderfully earthy flavor with a hint of vanilla. 

Michigan is known to produce some of the finest Chaga in the world! Our Chaga is responsibly harvested from the pristine forests of northern Michigan. Because many mushrooms absorb pollutants from the atmosphere, we harvest from deep within the most remote areas - where few humans dare to venture - because we are just that passionate about the quality and medicinal properties of this amazing mushroom!

Minimally processed (broken down into manageable chunks), and carefully inspected in small batches, it is as close to woods-to-table as you will get without heading out into northern Michigan’s unique forestry and harvesting it yourself! Our family expertly identifies, (we are state certified in wild mushroom identification) harvests, processes, dries (without heat), and packages this product ourselves, and we never outsource. This is vital to know, as so many mushrooms sold online come from other countries, like China, where pollution is a very real problem. Mushrooms, (the selfless lifeforms that they are) work hard at cleaning their environment, which means that toxins in the air, trees, or ground may be absorbed into the mushroom's fruiting body.

***Wholesale quantities are available. Please message us directly for more information.

*This product is not regulated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any diseases. Please consult your physician before adding Chaga to your diet.

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** Fresh mushrooms are shipped Mon-Wed only, as to avoid product being held at a shipping facility over the weekend **

We are a small family business located in northern Michigan. Our journey into the woods to find elusive gourmet mushrooms began early in life for us, but it really began to take off several years ago when a family member shared a variety of wild mushrooms for us to sample. Among them were Black Trumpets, and that was all it took! We fell in love, and began venturing out to the woods with our 8 children in tow. We collected mushrooms, took spore prints, and researched day and night. We scoured books and online resources to learn all that we could, and ultimately earned our certification in wild mushroom identification through the State of Michigan. This would allow us to be able to sell our foraged goodies, which was perfect, as our bounties became more than we could consume, preserve, and gift to friends and family. Thus began our adventures with Taste of the Earth.

All of our wild plants and mushrooms are harvested by our family of experts, and carefully inspected every step of the way to verify identity and quality - from harvesting, to processing and packaging. We never outsource, and take great pride in the fact that our products are found in the deepest reaches of the remote forests of northern Michigan - far from roads, businesses, cities, and homes.

Sustainable foraging practices are at the forefront of what we do. We prioritize forest locations that are marked or scheduled to be clear cut in the near future for the bulk of our foraging. Especially for items like Chaga and Wild Ramps, as these take a bit of time to grow, and may easily be harmed if over-harvested. We always leave more than we take, and are careful not to harm the trees, substrate, mycelium/mychorrizal networks, rhizomes, etc. while harvesting the fruits.

We are excited to share our bounty with you! Feel free to take a peek at the varieties we have to offer, and reach out if you have any questions!

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