Camel milk makes the most luxurious soap I have ever tried. It's very rich, creamy and moisturizing. All of our products contain botanical extracts that are made in house. The herbs used are either wildcrafted or grown by us. I always encourage everyone to do their own research, so if you haven't looked up camel milk benefits in skincare you need to. Many scent options. Hippy Queen soap is scented with top quality essential oils, it smells like a Janis Joplin concert. A beautiful blend of amber, patchouli, lavender just to name a few, even patchouli haters love it. Camel milk soap is especially helpful during the winter when our skin is crying for hydration and love. Listing is for one 3.5oz bar of yumminess.

Please contact us for custom or bulk orders. We can also accommodate large custom orders for events such as weddings. 

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Welcome to Beauty Barrel LLC. We create skincare products tailored to your needs and desires. From adult gag gifts, to aging well face creams, we can make it. Not only is our founder a cosmetic formulator, but also an herbalist. All of our botanical extracts are made in house. Our products are made in small batches to ensure the best of quality. Contact us if you have a custom product you are interested in.

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