This chaga is harvested in winter with care, from birch trees in the wild wisconsin forests we wander. We carefully dry and store this precious medicine. One small chunk will make you a whole thermosful to sip all day. Or try brewing it and then drinking chilled. Refreshing, restoring, nourishing. 

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L.T.D. Farm LLC
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L.T.D. Farm LLC
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LTD Farm stands for Living the Dream and that's what we're doing! Hi, we're Khaiti and Ben, we're farmers who love to live from the land, to forage and create unique products from what we grow organically here and what we find growing in the woods. Taking care of the land is very important to us, we nurture our wild spaces with their colonies of delectables. We are taking preorders for wild ramps and chantrelles shipped fresh, and will continue adding products to our shop. Our unctious Herb Salt is Legendary with our customers, friends and family.

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