My Chaga Tincture is the result of a triple extraction process (100 proof vodka, hot water, freezing). My alcohol extraction process is a minimum of ten weeks followed by 3 days of hot water extraction. During the hot water extraction I also temporarily remove the liquid and freeze the grounds to further break down cells walls to make more beneficial compounds available. This long process results in an excellent quality tincture. The tincture comes in a 4-ounce glass amber bottle with a dropper.  At two 1 ml doses per day, a bottle will last for two months (60 days). 

Instructions: Shake the bottle, squeeze rubber bulb and release. This will result in 1 1/4 inches of tincture in the dropper which is approximately 1.0 m.  Put under the tongue and hold for at least one minute - preferably 2-3 minutes. This sublingual method provides the most efficient way of absorbing the beneficial components into the blood stream. Other options include putting the tincture into a glass of water, juice or a smoothie.

What is Chaga? Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a medicinal mushroom that grows on the trunks of birch trees. It has been used as a traditional alternative medicine for centuries, most typically as a tea or tincture. Chaga has also been widely researched and has been found to have many potential health benefits including:

1. Reduce inflammation

2. Boost the immune system

3. Fight viruses

4. Normalize cholesterol and blood sugar levels

5. Anti-cancer properties

Many people refer to Chaga as a superfood because of the many beneficial compounds including an extremely high level of anti-oxidants. The beneficial components also include betulinic acid, polysaccharides and beta-D-glucans.

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Welcome! Lake Superior Chaga provides Fresh Chaga mushroom products harvested sustainably along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Wayne Seidel began harvesting Chaga to harness the immune strengthening capabilities and soon learned that Chaga offers many additional benefits. Wayne's Chaga is processed immediately, air dried, stored in glass, and kept in a cool, dark area until purchase. He offers two products currently - Ground Chaga (for tea or making your own tincture) and Chaga Tincture. Wayne has a strong natural resources background, worked for the University of Minnesota (retired) and also operates a landscape tree business. He and his family live along the Knife River just west of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

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