this is a premier chaga tincture. 

i wild foraged the chaga, broke it down, tinctured it fresh in grain alcohol and let it steep in the dark for 5 months. 

i shake it up from time to time. when it's done i strain it, double extract the chaga in boiling spring water for several hours and add it in.

i steep mine for much longer than anyone i've ever seen. i've tried it both ways. this is the superior method in my opinion.

*bioavailability is everything* 

and chaga is a tough cookie. 

it's also somewhat at risk and cannot be intentionally cultivated. so if you're going to use it as medicine, please respectfully use it to it's fullest potential<3

i’d be so happy to do a free consultation if you’re unsure of what you need. 

chaga has deep cross cultural + historical uses that have held true for centuries, if not millennia. that being said, a lot of people take chaga as a ‘general tonic’ when they don't need it, and it has become a fad remedy in that respect. 

i don't think we need to be overly careful and exclusive with chaga, as is a common attitude in the plant/mushroom community. but i also don't think everyone needs it by any means. reishi and turkey tail are abundant and have more diverse utility. not to mention chaga containing oxalic acid which can be hard on the kidneys after awhile for anyone and can easily be a bad idea for weak systems. 

i'm a big fan of using chaga in a blend to take the pressure off of over harvesting chaga. 

i use chaga for people with cancer or who are in remission.

sometimes i use it for people with autoimmune conditions if their presentation calls for it. 

on a spiritual level, chaga is an ally for those working through serious karmic tangles. low doses are great here.

i’ve used it for people that fell into a rut if chronically poor health after a virus or lyme situation got deep into the system and wreaked havoc. (see below) 

i often use chaga tea, not tincture, to get over the initial hump of a deep, burdensome illness. i use it in a formula with other herbs. 

i don't offer the blend outside of custom remedies with a consultation because chaga really is needlessly over used. 

there's a big difference between someone that needs an elderberry blend to get over something and someone that needs a chaga blend. 

please feel free to message me. i consult for free and we can find the more appropriate, safe + effective regimen to suit your needs.

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