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Windridge Farm
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Windridge Farm
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Originally built by the Chrystie Family in the 1750s, Windridge Farm is a historic landmark in New Windsor, New York. It notably housed Nathaniel Greene, one of George Washington's most trusted generals in the Continental Army, during the Revolutionary War. Nearly a century and a half later, the land was sold shortly after World War I and sectioned off into dozens of parcels that make up the vibrant neighborhood to which it belongs today. In 2021, farmer, soil scientist, forager, and mycologist Andy Weyenberg purchased the farm with a mission: restore the land, promote regenerative farming practices in the Hudson Valley, and create a haven for artists seeking a place to create. For the latter, he called upon longtime friend and collaborator Emil Benjamin, filmmaker and founder of Irrelevant Media, to start an artist's residency and farming fellowship on the property. We use 100% organic materials and regenerative farming practices to bring nutritious, colorful, flavorful mushrooms to the Tri-State Area. Today, the farm is home to King's Cultures and Irrelevant Labs. Moving into 2023 and beyond, they look to expand into more goods, services, and ways to give back to the community. King's Cultures is the culinary mushroom operation here at Windridge Farm. What do we mean by regenerative farming? First of all, it means doing whatever we can in-house. We mix our own substrate blend and produce grain spawn for our formidable fungi. Secondly, it means keeping things local. We proudly source all of our raw materials from the State of New York. Lastly, it means repurposing. Our mycelium don't just produce mushrooms, they also happen to create nutritious soil that we collect and use on the rest of the farm to grow other specialty products. In the 1780's, Windridge Farm was a bastion in the Revolution against the King of England. Our new Revolution is in the soil, and it starts with King's Cultures.
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