Fresh chanterelles from the southern Appalachian mountains. All orders are harvested and shipping within 24 hours to ensure freshness. I am a licensed wild mushroom seller. Each order comes with with my name, address and ID number for traceability
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FunGuy Forager
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As a certified wild mushroom seller with over six years of expertise, I have become well-versed in identifying, harvesting, and sharing the finest treasures nature has to offer. I aim to share not just the mushrooms but also my deep-rooted love and respect for the Appalachian mountains and its bountiful valleys. My fervor for exploring the untouched beauty of the Appalachian mountains knows no bounds. Venturing into the heart of these majestic landscapes, I find solace, excitement, and a profound connection with nature that fuels my spirit. In addition to my mushroom-selling endeavors, I am an accomplished medicine maker, delving into the world of tinctures with a remarkable decade-long experience. Crafting potent and effective remedies has become my second passion, and I take immense pride in my abilities to harness the healing power of herbs and botanicals. Having dedicated 70 hours of intensive study at the esteemed Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in Asheville, I have honed my skills, acquiring the knowledge necessary to create a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in my herbal concoctions. My journey as a wild mushroom seller and medicine maker has been a remarkable one, where my love for nature, the Appalachian mountains, and the art of herbalism converge beautifully. Each day, I strive to share my expertise, foster a greater appreciation for nature's gifts, and provide my clients with not just products but experiences that awaken a deeper connection to the natural world.
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