Wild Northern Illinois Chanterelles

Use: Sauté in butter or oil and add to your favorite dish or protein. Soups, broth, pizza, pasta, gravy, quiche, casserole, sandwich, cheese cake... creativity is the only limit.

Benefits: antioxidant, reduce inflammation, lower risk of certain types of cancer, bactericidal, wound healing, fiber, Vit D, B, copper, bone health, immune function, iron, protein, brain health, night blindness and eye inflammation.

Can Gift Wrap upon request!

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We call ourselves “productive hikers” and also have a passion for mycology. We are city dwellers with a self sustainable lifestyle that travel throughout Illinois to forage locally. We have generational eduction of foraging in Illinois for over 30 years. We brew our own beer, cultivate our own produce, and filter and create our own mineral water to reduce waste products leaving less of a carbon footprint. We are musicians that create house music (Dance Loud) and renovate homes with repurposed materials. We love our land!

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