Chokeberry, (Aronia melanocarpa), native to North America. It is aptly named for the astringent acidic taste, which may be made into jelly and preserves. The plant has a long history of use among indigenous peoples; it is an important source of food and medicine and has a number of ceremonial uses. The pits and foliage are not edible and may contain hydrocyanic acid in varying amounts.

Chokeberries have higher antioxidant levels than other berries, and contain beneficial nutrients, such as quercetin, quinic, minerals, and vitamins, while being low in sugar.

Chokeberries contain the highest levels of anthocyanins (the pigment in the berry that gives them their dark purplish-black color) and proanthocyanidins (plant-based super-antioxidants) like other well-known “superfruits." These properties protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. As well as, reduce inflammation improve circulation by strengthening capillary walls, inhibit enzymes that break down collagen, and reduce allergy production. They might improve the function of the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, prevent gastric damage, and the liver from chemical damage.

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Mad for Mushrooms is dedicated to the proliferation and learning of wild foods and natural ecosystems. Predominantly foraged, I focus on offering unusual, and wildly delicious foodstuffs for regional chefs and restaurants. Collaboration is essential to the work, outside of foraging and sharing knowledge, I am interested in product development, and alternative applications of biomimetics. As a vendor with Foraged Market, I hope to reach a wider audience, exciting more minds and mouths with nutritionally dense wild food products. The majority of items will be sourced in the forests and hillsides of the Ohio River Valley. However, when indicated, certain items have been successfully wild-grown in my organic, vegan, urban garden to offer a greater variety.

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