this is a lovely cold weather detox tincture. it keeps your insides clean and moving + your skin clear and bright. 


is known as liquid sunshine. it's wonderful help for people living in cloudy, dreary places. it's a specific for seasonal affective dis0rders. it warms, cleans + moves stagnation, especially sluggish lymph. it can be very helpful for cleaning up damp, phlegmy lungs + aiding slow heelers. it's long been used to strengthen !immunity and heel wounds cleanly. 


is the master of blood. it's an alterative, meaning it restores normalcy between homeostatic polarities regardless of which way the imbalances lean. it cleanses the blood and all the little nooks + crannies that blood flows through. 

most good herbalists pick yarrow as their 'if you could only use one, which would it be' herb. it's versatile and indispensable in terms of detox + deep cleaning. there is further information under my individual yarrow tincture if you're interested.


is an herb of the people. it's as abundant as it is useful. it deep cleans the liver and bile. it feeds good gut bacteria and discourages lowlier strains from acting up. it strongly benefits skin health and helps keep it bright + clear. 

burdock root 

is nourishing, oily + clearing. it's a long standing companion with dandelion root for skin. it helps the skin release moisturizing oils, benefiting dry + scaly skin. it helps the liver detox + keep its pathways open. it strengthens digestion for heavy foods like meat + fats. 

it's also an outstanding specific for bursitis. 

i'd take a dropper full of stinging nettle along side this formula. it's another nutritive spring tonic to clean the blood and clear the winter out of your insides. it nourishes and benefits the kidneys indispensably. it cleans protein byproducts out of bl00d and joints that frequently cause pain and arthritis. there is a full description of under my individual stinging nettle tincture. 

all the plants in this remedy were home grown or wild foraged. they were harvested at peak season and long steeped in good conditions. the calendula was harvested leaf + flower, dried then tinctured. the roots were pulled on the new moon in early spring, partly dried, tinctured in grain alcohol and then double extracted in spring water. the yarrow was tinctured fresh. the quality is exceptional. 

please feel free to message me with any questions! i consult for free so you can have the safest, most minimal + effective remedy regimen for your personal needs.

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i make products to help you meet yourself where you are,

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hi, i'm Sydney

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every products is individually hand stamped.

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tea, plants + natural medicines are my life and passion.

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