Common Yarrow seeds

(Achillea millefolium)

10g is approximately 60, 000 seed.

This plant is a beautiful ground cover very easy to maintain and spreads by seed easily.

The dried leaves and flower make an excellent wound powder to stop bleeding.

Drinking as a tea helps to alleviate pain, enhance wound healing, fight inflammation, and much more.

Common Yarrow Seeds

California, US
Redding Forager
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Hello, I am the Redding Forager- Kyle Dall. The goal here is to make wild foods and medicines more available to people who have a hard time accessing these products while simultaneously having a positive impact on the local ecosystems where we harvest them. I do this by having conservative harvest procedures and by giving back more than I take. A large portion of my time is dedicated towards propagating native plants to be planted in areas in need of restoration- especially those areas devastated by wildfires.

Your orders on this store go 100% towards supporting these local restoration efforts in Northern California.