Rare cinnamon cort mushrooms, harvested in late stage for optimum dye results for your natural dye materials such as wool. Revered for its steadfast beautiful rusty brown and reddish brown hues! a rare mushroom to find and coveted by natural dye artists.

depending on the time of season i may be able to get you fresh mushrooms as well but these offered are dired 1/2 pound bags!

see my other dye mushrooms like western red dye and lobsters all harvested late stage for optimum results!
(Per 8oz)
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Born Free Natural Mystic
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Born Free Natural Mystic
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Born Free Natural Mystic is a husband and wife duo (Billy & Valentine) living in beautiful Mendocino County in Northern California. We are experienced foragers, farmers, artists and general Magik makers. We infuse love and care into all we create and do and only harvest and offer the finest growing specimens.
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