i wild foraged this root in the earliest spring on a new moon in the evening. 

after cleaning it

i tinctured it fresh in grain alcohol 

the root is sizable and i only use 1 per quart of tincture that i make

because crane's bill geranium is extremely astringent

and more often than not i use this remedy for emotional/spiritual indications

a low dose of 1-5 drops is plenty

more than that might only be necessary in cases of serious bowel troubles

like certain patterns of gastritis where we're passing a lot of water and mucus

and or feeling like you constantly need to go to the bathroom.

this is not a remedy that i often have occasion to use

but it has a few specific indications that are wonderfully reliable.

i use it for people who are struggling to be on their own and be themselves 

in the absence of: 

-drugs and or alcohol

-separation from a loved one


-overly interdependent relationship with parent-child

this is also a very good remedy for people with a pattern of depression that calls for an astringent

this kind of person cries until they're out of strength and fluids. 

crane's bill geranium helps them to hold in their tears and 'hold themself together'

i like to add in reishi or another specific herb that fits their pattern to support their overall health, 

especially their lungs, as they process their grief. 


here are a few more specific sidenotes: 


 +WILD LETTUCE is very good for withdrawal symptoms, especially from 0pl0ds (im censored) 

 +MUGWORT is good for people who don't feel whole or settled within themselves in the absence of substance

  but i find it's particularly good for people who compulsively seek pot or other psychedelic type experiences. 

  BLUE LOTUS is another very honorable mention in this department. 

  the divine feminine tincture would be well indicated for male or female 

 +REISHI Is a good remedy for coming back into your own body and starting to work on taking care of it again. 

  i really like the hermit tea here, which also contains wild lettuce. but the tincture is fine too. 

  the star tea blend is also reishi based and contains mugwort and other deeply nourishing herbs. 

 +GHOST PIPE is the optimal choice for people who need to promptly come down from bad trips. it is a remedy processing trauma 

  and agony body mind spirit. i find it excellent for people who are going through withdrawals, especially when their habits were 

  rooted in coping with trauma. there is a clear processing aspect to ghost pipe. i use it reliably for ptsd. if this remedy speaks to 

  you i would strongly consider taking it with reishi, which also helps to process trauma but tends to be softer and less overt. 

  it kind of provides an anchor back into the body to work from, as these kinds of situations tend to be strongly dissociative. 

 +ALBIZIA AKA MIMOSA FLOWER is a great choice for people that feel trapped in darkness or dark depressions


if you are homesick, choose elecampane.

if you are separated from a decent person, choose crane's bill geranium.

if you are separated from a toxic or dangerous person, choose black walnut hull.

if you are separated and feel very weak and vulnerable on your own choose cranes bill geranium or white trillium.

if you need a down to earth reality check or are involved in a matter of injustice choose cinquefoil

if you are separated and processing serious trauma of mind body or spirit choose ghost pipe and reishi or mugwort

  **if you're not ready to dive into processing choose cinquefoil

if you are mourning the loss of someone (living or passed) and you cry and cry until you have nothing left

then recover some strength and cry some more, choose crane's bill geranium. 


if you are a parent that is overly involved in your child, choose cranes bill geranium and or cinquefoil.

if your child is overly attached to their parent, choose black walnut hull. if they are very worried or fearful add lemon balm. 

i consult for free for your safety and benefit. i would be happy to help you find the most minimal + effective remedy or regimen to suit your specific needs. please feel free to send me a message with questions or with an outline of your situation and i will respond promptly. blessings!

crane's bill geranium root- wild foraged and tinctured fresh

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