this is a detox tincture that gives your system a deep rinse.

it cleans your blood, liver + lymphatics + is perfect for giving your insides a spring cleaning. 

1 dropper full 2-3 times a day, chase with a glass of water. 

you'll probably start to notice that your urine seems 'dirty' after a day or two of the tincture. 

you also might start to notice clearer skin, clearer thinking, a trimmer figure and an over all 'clean feeling'

i wild foraged each plant at its peak season and tinctured it fresh in vodka. i use grain alcohol for roots. 

below is an extensive write up. please message me with any questions.

i consult for free so you can have the most safe, minimal + effective remedies to suit your specific needs. 

i have used this formula for many years.

i often help people find a more specific companion tea or tincture to accompany it and have seen excellent results.

an overburdened liver is the root of many troublesome imbalances including but not limited to:

-low metabolism and trouble losing weight- including low thyroid

(peek the chickweed tincture and potentially black walnut hull tincture)

-pain issues that are not rooted in an injury

(solutions for all kinds of pain issues are available)

-insomnia- especially for people that can fall asleep but wake up in the middle of the night/can't stay asleep.

(if you can't fall asleep we handle that differently)


stinging nettle:

is an intensely nutritious, food grade herb + a staple of western herbalism. 

it's high in plant proteins and helps the body digest, process + utilize proteins effectively. 

the body can only cleanly digest so much meat in a day. 

if you have too much or don’t digest effectively to begin with, protein byproducts result. 

those byproducts collect at the joints, kidneys + urinary systems, leading to arthritic pain, kidney stones + urination troubles- especially for men. 

stinging nettle is also a specific for building blood, wasting disorders + restoring function where it has been lost. 


balances and cleanses the blood + blood vessels. it is known as 'the master of blood'

it's an alterative, meaning it balances between polarities. 

so it can stop bleeding (first aid, nose bleeds, healing wounds, 'flooding')

and it can also decongest blood (bruises, swellings, clotting, old concussions, menstrual stagnation)

it allows the movement of energy + resources to open outward from the middle. 

this heals wounds/bruises, opens pores, relieves fevers + regulates blood flow. 


it's a cooling, moistening and cleansing alterative + a blood purifier. 

it's a classic spring tonic and an outstanding lymph cleanser. 

it's useful for earaches + headaches that stem from lymphatic toxicity/congestion. 

it's also useful for hot/dry/flaky skin conditions (also consider dandelion/burdock/chickweed)

it has been wonderfully helpful for people with irritable bladder/urinary systems, including prostate imbalances. 

it's useful for neuromas and certain kinds of nerve imbalances. this quiet, little green plant shows up in early spring. 

dandelion root:

is an opening and cleansing agent. it’s specific to the liver, pancreas, spleen and urinary passages. it’s gentle and non offensive, yet transformative. it’s wonderful for certain patterns of chronic sleep issues (ie. waking up at 3am) especially when there seems to be heat, agitation and maybe even feelings of congestion. i also like to use dandelion to work on healthy gut bacterial balance. it feeds the good stuff and shifts the internal environment to discourage low quality company from gaining influence. i don’t use it alone in this instance, but it is a key component.

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